Melatonin Spray May Treat OSA


Big news on how products like sleep spray to address conditions like OSA. Where to buy sprayable sleep maybecome a hot question for those with special sleep disorders.

...Dr Deepak Yaduvanshi chief consultant pulmonologist (Asthma & Allergy & ICU specialist at a private hosptial, said, "When a person experiences regular episodes of obstruction of upper airway during sleep, then he/she is said to be suffering from OSA. The syndrome is associated with snoring, disturbed sleep and feeling sleepy during the day." 

Dr Yaduvanshi, who is also head of sleep lab in a private hospital said that there are treatment available for OSA which include life style modification, using a CPAP machine which prevents the collapse of the airway when a person breathes in by increasing air pressure in the throat, palatoglossus surgery and one is melatonin spray.

 He said that the people talk about personal hygiene but now there is a need to encourage sleep hygiene, which include complete eight hours sleep, going to bed early, cleaning the bed, keeping away from electronic gadgets so that sleep should not be interrupted.

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